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Walter Mouse

Walter Mouse

Walter Mouse And "Field Mouse Evangelism"

Daily Devotionals: Squeaks, Mousetails and Whiskers of Love

Have you ever tried to read the Bible, but found you couldn't quite understand it, or that it just didn't really speak to you? Maybe "Field Mouse Evangelism" will help - it's a fresh way of looking at every-day things!

Meet Walter, a field mouse who lives with his human friend Bill. A real animal-lover, Bill takes Walter with him nearly everywhere he goes - Walter is usually in one of Bill's jacket pockets.

Walter nibbles on the Word quite regularly, and he makes insightful and refreshing scriptural connections about our very human walk. Walter has a truly uncommon common-sense approach, and he enjoys showing us how the Word of God can be applied in our own lives - and his writings have become known as "Field Mouse Evangelism."

Walter's books Squeaks, Mousetails and Whiskers of Love are collections of devotional messages for adults.

Walter's "mouse's-eye-view" of every-day occurrences make it easy for Walter's readers to nod in understanding agreement with the way he looks at things. Each devotion takes just a few minutes to read, but his observations are thought-provoking and make the reader want to keep coming back for more.

Walter also sends a weekly "Field Mouse Evangelism" devotional email that includes a devotion selected from Squeaks, Mousetails and Whiskers of Love or other books that Walter is working on. If you would like to receive Walter's weekly devotional email, visit the Subscribe page of this website.

To order Squeaks, Mousetails and Whiskers of Love on-line using a major credit or debit card, just click on the "Add To Cart" button in the right hand column on any page of our website.

Walter's books are priced at $9.43 each, plus shipping and handling charges of $3.77 for 1-2 books (you can "mix and match" book titles in the same order - just add them to your cart before you check out). For 3-4 books, the shipping and handling charge is only $1 more ($4.77); 5-6 books are additional $1 ($5.77); the shipping and handling charge for 7-8 books is an additional $1 ($6.77). For 9 or more copies of Walter's books, shipping and handling is only $7.77 for the entire order. Pennsylvania residents must pay sales tax of 6% on the entire order (books plus shipping and handling).

If you would like to pay for your purchase with a check or money order, please mail your payment and order to Walter's Mouse House ~ c/o Believer Solutions ~ PO Box 546 ~ Douglassville, PA 19518.

On-line orders paid by credit card are shipped via USPS Media Mail no later than the next business day after payment is received. Orders paid by check are shipped via USPS Media Mail on the fourth business day after receipt (to allow time for the check to clear).

You can learn more about Walter and Bill and their many friends, on the Walter and His Friends page of this website.

Join Walter for gentle and uplifting walks through scripture!

Whiskers Of Love by Walter Mouse
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